Why fold hands during prayer?

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A common belief is that the hands-folded posture was derived from a Roman practice symbolizing submission.

Should believers fold hands, keep their arms outstretched with palms facing upward (the classic orans position) or cross them, like monks often do? Does it really matter? While it may seem strange, this is an important question to ask. In fact, it is a fundamental aspect of prayer, and one that allows believers to discover their own practices as rooted in ancient, venerable traditions. Many can remember being taught by religious sisters how to pray with folded hands. One individual recounts (whether true or not) the reason the sisters taught him for folded hands.

  • Pray with hands folded up so that your prayers will go to heaven.
  • If your hands are pointed down your prayers will go down to hell.
  • And if your hands are sideways, your prayers will bounce all over the room.

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