Young priest goes viral: Why “spiritual but not religious” isn’t enough

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Father David Michael Moses releases short, powerful messages now available weekly on his growing YouTube channel.

Father David Michael Moses, a diocesan priest serving in Spring, Texas, released a 2-minute YouTube clip the other day titled “Why You Need ORGANIZED Religion.” Within a few hours, the video received almost 5K views and many positive comments.

This wasn’t exactly surprising, as the 29-year-old (who prefers to be addressed as “Father David Michael”) has a powerful online presence and is well-known for his pro-life concerts; he also has a knack for sharing meaningful, often humorous reels on social media. This latest video, however, cuts to the heart of a popular but seriously problematic ideology. 

“It’s pretty common to hear people say: ‘I’m spiritual but not religious,’” Father David Michael explains. “Or … ‘I believe in God, but I’m not into organized religion …’” 

The young priest speaks candidly directly into the camera in his typical conversational style, yet his challenge cuts to the heart: “Would you prefer disorganized religion?” he asks soberly, “Because anything you care about,you organize.

The film cuts to a montage of a bank building with floating money signs; a football field covered with players; and scenes of family life: “Imagine a bank that’s not organized — is that where you’d keep your money? Or a football team that doesn’t schedule practices? Imagine not telling your kids what time you’ll pick them up from school? Because the relationships you care about,” he emphasizes once again, “you plan, you organize.” [quote summarized]

Every word of Father David Michael’s 2-minute message was clearly thought-out and chosen with care. His insights are not only for those distant from a formal practice of faith, but offer wisdom to guide his flock as they articulate the same message to loved ones in their own daily lives.  

The last thing you need is a disorganized plan to get to heaven,” Father David Michael sums up the first of his now weekly messages available by subscription to his YouTube channel.

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