An original tip for choosing your child’s first name

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Are you still looking for a name for your child? Here’s a tip that might help you!

While some have been sure for years of the name they will give their child when they have one, others sometimes have difficulty finding inspiration. After consulting the First Name Official and collecting the opinions of family and friends, they remain undecided. Do you recognize yourself? Well, know that there is a trick to finding your child’s first name: give them that of the saint celebrated on the day of their birth. 

Thus, little girls born on May 22 will be able to be called by the name of the saint celebrated on that day, Rita. And the little boys, Émile, in reference to this martyr of Carthage, celebrated on the same day as Saint Rita . If there is a major saint who is associated with each day, there are others remembered by the Church. Indeed, if certain memories of saints are obligatory, others are not. Some are “local” saints as opposed to “universal” saints. For example, the feast of Saint Gerard takes place in the towns of Aix and Arles where the saint has a special place, but it is optional elsewhere.

There is also a calendar specific to dioceses which celebrate a particular blessed, such as  Pauline Jaricot  in the diocese of Lyon. All these subtleties can be consulted online on the Nominis website . So, if Rita and Émile do not suit you, it is possible to opt for Jean (Saint John, Abbot of Parma in Italy in the 10th century), Loup (Saint Loup, bishop of Limoges), Julie (Saint Julie, virgin and martyrdom of Corsica), Quitterie (Saint Quitterie, Catholic Visigoth princess in the 5th century). 

First names linked to the liturgical feast

Furthermore, Nominis also indicates for each first name all the saints associated with it. Thus, a good number of feminine first names are directly linked to a male saint: Guillemette to Saint Guillaume, Joséphine to Saint Joseph, Hortense to Saint Hortens, Camille to Saint Camille de Lellis, Raphaëlle to Saint Raphaël… Certain saints have had such influence in the During their lives their names were adapted into first names . Thus a baby born on the day of Saint Francis Xavier can have both François and Xavier as his first name. It is the same for Saint Louis de Gonzague , Charles de Foucauld or Jean Bosco .

Parents of children born on major holidays will also be able to find what they are looking for. For example, babies born on August 15 can have the first name of Marie, for girls, or combined with Marie,  for boys . As for the children who are born at Christmas , Emmanuel(le) would be an ideal first name! And for those born on Easter , although a saint can be celebrated on that day (Easter is a movable feast), first names  that evoke the joy of the resurrection  also exist! It should be noted that first names like Assumption or Annunciation are also given. Perfect for babies born these holidays! 

Giving your baby the name of the saint with whom he will share his day of birth will perhaps allow him to identify even more with the saint whose name he will bear and be inspired by his example and his love for Christ.

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