Are you having a bad time? Pray the prayer that Pope Francis suggested

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“In this bad moment, God loves me”

Pope Francisus, who on several occasions has suggested that Christians should not have a “vinegar face” and should cease to be constantly distressed by concerns, said that Christian hope should be regarded as the joy of a healthy “vanity” because “Hope does not disappoint” (Rom 5: 1-5).

 “In this bad moment, God loves me! And I have done this evil, this hateful or ugly thing: God loves me! This certainty excludes no one! “ Exclaimed the Pope.

The Pope insisted that this should be a prayer: “I am sure, I am sure that God loves me!” He said on February 15, 2017, in the general audience before 7,000 faithful and pilgrims in the Vatican.

In his address in Italian, the Pope continued with the new series of reflections on the theme: Christian hope.

To boast of the love of God!

“From childhood we are taught that a pleasant thing is to boast. People who boast are baffled. In my land, these people are called peacocks! ”

“Boasting about what you are or what you have, so with a certain pride, also reveals a lack of respect for others, especially those who are less fortunate than us,” said Francisco.

The Pontiff further recalled: “In fact, we now understand why the apostle Paul invites us to brag about this love. I boast of God’s love because he loves me. “

“God has no preferences, he does not exclude anyone, he opens his house to everyone, starting with the last and the excluded,” the Pope said, inviting everyone to “help each other.”

So we have to boast of this love, by which “we are called to be humble and sincere channels for all.” “Hope does not disappoint,” he said.

Insistent prayer, taught by children

The Pope revealed that a secret to get out of the difficulties of each day is the prayer that feeds hope.

“The prayer must be insistent,” said the Pope, taking advantage of the presentation of a choir of Italian children who, even missing a stanza before the audience, did not lose their rhythm and continued singing, insisting.

“That is what has to be done in prayer: to insist,” he reiterated smiling, referring to the children of the choir.

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2 thoughts on “Are you having a bad time? Pray the prayer that Pope Francis suggested”

  1. I know that I always insist on loving Jesus. There were times that while i am praying, there were lots of things coming out in my mind…which causes destruction to my mood of prayer. But i know despite of this dedtructions, i still continue praying . Sometime i read scriptures,in which i was disturbed and not fully understand what i am reading.. So will stop. I am praying that God help me to have mind of order. ..Jesus knows what is best for me.. i cling to that..Jesus help me…Amen

  2. Marilyn Abuan Doble your experiencing a demonic attack,yes just don’t mind if something bothers you when you are praying.just continue praying.just don’t do any occult so that they cannot find any openings


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