Did Jesus have a guardian angel?

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If each person has a guardian angel watching over them, it is legitimate to wonder if Jesus, who became man to save the world, had one too.

“Behold, I will send an angel before you to guard you on the way and bring you to the place that I have prepared for you” ( Ex 23:20-23 ). The Church teaches that every person on earth has a guardian angel. Did Jesus, when he took on human nature, also have one? Saint Luke indicates that an angel comforted him on the Mount of Olives ( Lk 22:43 ). A statement which leads one to believe that it was his guardian angel. But since Jesus is the Son of God, He does not need a guardian angel ! He has all the angels of Heaven at his service ( Mt 26:17 ). What should we conclude from this? 

“It’s a real Christological question,” says Don Paul Denizot, rector of the sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Montligeon and specialist in angels. “  Jesus certainly had a human nature but He was a divine person, as indicated in particular by the Council of Chalcedon. And a guardian angel is not attached to a nature but to a person. Jesus being God, He therefore does not need to be guarded by angels because it is He who creates them and who sends them. » As for the angel who consoles him at the Mount of Olives, he is, according to Don Paul Denizot, the symbol of the entire angelic universe which is mobilized at the moment of the Passion of Christ. 

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