Did Mary die before going to Heaven? John Paul II had this to say

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Jesus changed the meaning of death by taking it on himself.

Could Mary of Nazareth have experienced the drama of death in her own flesh? Reflecting on Mary’s destiny and her relationship with her divine Son, it seems legitimate to answer in the affirmative: since Christ died, it would be difficult to maintain the contrary for his Mother.

This is John Paul II’s affirmation in a general audience of 1997.

He notes that the most ancient tradition (prior to the 17th century) saw Mary’s death as her entry into glory.

The Polish Pope quoted the Fathers of the Church regarding the feast of the Dormition (or Sleeping) of Our Lady.

He also made this observation:

It is true that in Revelation death is presented as a punishment for sin. However, the fact that the Church proclaims Mary free from original sin by a unique divine privilege does not lead to the conclusion that she also received physical immortality. The Mother is not superior to the Son who underwent death, giving it a new meaning and changing it into a means of salvation.

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