How to deal with distractions during prayer, according to St. Theresa

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The “Little Flower” gives advice to those who think that distractions during prayer are a problem

It happens with a lot of people: just sit and pray that distractions come soon. The ticking of the wall clock, the car horn on the street, or even a flurry of thoughts about various people or problems in our lives is enough for the concentration on prayer to go away.

It is then difficult to focus our attention on God and establish a conversation with Him. However, sometimes these distractions are not “distractions”; are thoughts presented by God that aim our spiritual benefit.

To exemplify, we present what Saint Teresinha wrote about the distractions during the prayers:

“I also have a lot of [distractions], but as soon as I take care of them, I pray for those people who appear in my thoughts and divert my attention, and thus, they benefit from my distractions.”

Sometimes God wants to divert our attention to remind us of a friend or family member who is experiencing difficulties. They may need our prayers or our charity. In this way distraction is put on the right path and, instead of turning us away from God, brings us closer to Him and His divine plan.

The key is to stay tuned when this happens and realize when you’re thinking about someone or even something you’ve seen on Facebook. God may be wanting you to pray for that individual or reach out to him.

St. Josemaria Escriva said that “the closer an apostle is to God, the more universal are his desires. His heart expands and absorbs everything in the name of his longing to place the universe at the feet of Jesus. ”

So the next time you feel distracted during a prayer, offer your thoughts to God and open your heart to what God wants to speak to you at that moment.


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