Italian young body in process of canonization is found incorrupt

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The venerable Carlo Acutis, Jesus’ great friend in the Eucharist, left the world at the age of 15 due to leukemia.

The Standing. Marcelo Tenorio , vice-postulator of the cause of canonization of the venerable Carlo Acutis , announced today, January 23, that the body of the young Italian in love with the Eucharist and died of leukemia at the age of 15 on October 12, 2006, was found incorrupt .

Here is the message published by the priest in his social networks :

Dear friends, today I received from the mother of Carlo Acutis the happy news that the body of the venerable young man, who died giving his life for Pope Benedict XVI, is INTACT.
For us who love and spread your life is a moment of immense emotion and joy.
I saw the photos, but I can not divulge them.
His body will be taken to the convent of the Capuchins in Assisi, and from there, in due time, transferred to the old Church of Santa Maria Maior, in the same Assisi.

Te Deum laudamus. Te Dominum confitemur!

Fr. Marcelo Tenorio

What is the “elevatio”

The finding was due to the so-called “elevatio” of the body of Carlo Acustis. This is the ceremony for the recognition of mortal remains by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The term “elevatio” in Latin means “elevation” – the pronunciation is “elevátsio”.

The rite, performed as part of the process of canonization, includes the exhumation of the remains for their subsequent transfer to a public place of worship. In general, “elevatio” occurs when the person in question of canonization is “raised” from the venerable servant of God.

Who is the venerable Carlo Acutis
Learn more about the history and fascinating testimony of the life of the venerable Carlo Acutis by reading this recent testimony of the young man ‘s own mother : Antonia Salzano tells us that it was the example of her son who brought her to Jesus in the Eucharist:

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4 thoughts on “Italian young body in process of canonization is found incorrupt”

  1. In 1982, the Holy See authorized the archbishop of Manfredonia to open an investigation to determine whether Pio should be canonized. The investigation continued for seven years. In 1990 Pio was declared a Servant of God, the first step in the process of canonization. The investigation however did not lead to any public factual clearance by the Church on his previous ‘excommunication’ or on the allegations that his stigmata were not of a supernatural kind. Moreover, Pio’s stigmata were remarkably left out of the obligatory investigations for the canonization process, in order to avoid obstacles prohibiting a successful closure.

  2. Venerable Carlo Acutis you died at such a tender age of 15 years you had such a devotion to the holy Eucharist kindly intercede to God for the healing of my husband Frans Sammut from Cancer Which is spreading through his body please pray for us amen I will surely remember you of your mercy amen

  3. Dear Carlo, you are an amazing young man. You died a Saint, I know, cause you had much love for Jesus. Please bless my entire family and particularly help my granddaughter Gabby to do well in her O’ Level Exams. Give a sharp and blessed mind. Make learning easy for her. Give her wisdom. Bless her a teen like you. Heal her af acne, keloids and skin problems. Thank you dearest Carlo. Jane

  4. Dearest Carlo please pray for my son Robert’s healing of his mind body & sole. He is a good loving person, with many problems! Please pray forGods help & healing! In Jesus’ name! Thank you! ❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️


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