Prayer to Saint Rita de Cassia for an impossible cause

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Find out why she is the saint of impossible causes and ask her intercession with faith

Immediately after her death, Saint Rita de Cassia was already venerated as a protector against the plague, probably because she had dedicated herself to the care of the sick with plague without ever contracting the disease. This was the main reason why it was started to be known as the Holy of Causes Impossible.

Prayer to Saint Rita for an impossible cause

O powerful and glorious Saint Rita, the so-called Santa of impossible causes, advocate of desperate cases, helper of the last hour, refuge and shelter of pain that draws to the abyss of sin and hopelessness, with all confidence in your power by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I turn to you in the difficult and unforeseen case, which painfully oppresses my heart.

(Make your wish)

Reach the grace I desire, for being necessary, I want it. When my prayer is presented for you, my request, for you who are so loved by God, will certainly be attended to. Tell Our Lord that I will use grace to improve my life and my customs and to sing Divine Mercy on Earth and in Heaven.

Saint Rita of impossible causes, intercede for us! Amen.

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12 thoughts on “Prayer to Saint Rita de Cassia for an impossible cause”

  1. St Rita please intercede on my behalf for the anxiety and depression I am currently struggling with.
    Help me overcome the morbid and negative thoughts I’m experiencing which are leaving me exhausted and unable to function on a daily basis to do what is required everyday.
    This I ask in the name of The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit

  2. Beloved Margaret, Jesus commands me to tell you your depression is defeated, you are free now. Stay faithful. God bless!

  3. I need a miracle now for my family members going through a separation between them please please pray for her angellica Luna to return to her partner and 3 kids United them together in love and unity they still love each other but she is involved with someone else so please pray for her to United with her partner and kids amen

  4. Thank you St Rita for all your prayers which helped to get my prayers answered. I will always pray to you and let people know of you and your healing prayers to Our Lord

  5. Please St Rita pray for my son who left our house abruptly and doesn’t want his family. I ask with your pray and help he returns to us and follows the righteous path in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord amen.

  6. I need a miracle; my business partner and I do; he has become paralyzed working to take care of us after my own family tried to have me murdered to hide that they had embezzled all mine and my daughters funds from our trusts. My partner’s family have too betrayed him by my family’s defaming if my once excellent reputation. The authorities have yet to investigate this still after twenty plus years. The crimes against me, destroyed our mutual business. We were actually homeless and penniless for years, and then by the grace of God we now have a roof over our heads, I’m my partner’s full time caregiver.

    I’m praying for his restored health and now mine as well; the constant caregiving at my age, 73 has taken a toll.

    If we can go back to work, we can restore the business. If the authorities would do their jobs, I would get justice and restitution.

    • The good Lord will make you see justice. I decree and declare heavenly intervention in your situation in Jesus’ name. May the healing balm of our Lord Jesus locate you and your family, and may the coming weeks be full of testimonies. I connect with you in faith to hear your testimony to the glory of God!

  7. Oh God Bless you for your prayer and so quickly as well. I am proceeding forward in faith that our Lord Jesus is intervening now🙏


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