The Preserved Body of Padre Pio Still Pumping Blood at the Waist (WATCH)

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Unlike the body of Saint Veronica Giuliani, whose wounds remained visible on her body, 300 years after her

It is a great mystery the inability of science to explain. All studies conducted around him concluded that there is no scientific or medical explanation for what is happening …

Many of us saw this phenomenon with our own eyes or through a picture taken from this amazing scene.

They are the bodies of the saints who do not know death. The Church has been known throughout history as saints whose bodies remained healthy even after long years of death.

St. Veronica Giuliani, for example, whose body has not been decomposed; he still carries the wounds of Christ even though hundreds of years have elapsed since her death.

Fifty years after the death of Saint Peter the Baptist, the medical examination showed that the body of the Italian saint was still bleeding when he was stabbed with a pin or a knife wound. From the body of the great saint in Italy, after St. Francis of Assisi, there are wonderful pink and aromatic aromas.

The body of the Italian saint was displayed for 17 months during 2008 and 2009 at the Church of Our Lady of Attia in Santo Stefano, where about 5 million pilgrims, including Pope Benedict XVI, prayed to pray in front of the mausoleum.

The body of St. Pio was buried in the basement under the structure of the church of Umm al-Naam, where the marks of Christ’s wounds disappeared on his body on the eve of his death. A surgeon carried by the saint for half a century and the inability of the finest doctors to analyze, treat and replace anything in it.

Father Pio Kahn of Pietrchina belonged to the brotherhood of the Abkhazian Minor Brothers. Pio lived from 1887 until 1968. Pope John Paul II proclaimed him a pope in 1999 and a saint in 2002. Born in Petrarchina, he served after his ordination in San Giovanni Rotondo from 1916 until his death

Saint Padre Pio body still preserved at San Giovanni Rotondo in Italy


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