St. Padre Pio

Prayer of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: “Stay, Lord, with me”

… because you are my light and without you I am in darkness

Stay, Lord, with me, because your presence is necessary so as not to forget you. You know how easily I abandon you.

Stay, Lord, with me, for I am weak and I need your strength not to fall many times.

Stay, Lord, with me, because you are my light and without you I am in darkness.

Stay, Lord, with me, because you are my life and without you I lose my fervor.

Stay, Lord, with me, to let me know your will.

Stay, Lord, with me, so that I may hear your voice and follow you.

Stay, Lord, with me, for I want to love you very much and be always in your company.

Stay, Lord, with me, if you want me to be faithful to you.

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Stay, Lord, with me, because no matter how poor my soul is, I want to be for you a place of comfort and a nest of love.

Stay, Jesus, with me, it’s late and the day is over … Life goes by; death, judgment, eternity are approaching and it is necessary to recover my strength so as not to delay in the journey, and for that I need you. It’s already late and death is approaching. I fear the darkness, the temptations, the aridity, the cross, the sufferings – and I need you very much, my Jesus, in this night of exile.

Stay, Jesus, with me, because in this night of life, of dangers, I need you. Make him, like your disciples, recognize you in the breaking of bread; that the Eucharistic communion be the light that dissipates the darkness, the force that sustains me and the only joy of my heart.

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Stay, Lord, with me, because in the hour of death I want to be united to you; if not for communion, at least for grace and for love.

Stay, Jesus, with me; I do not ask for divine consolations because I do not deserve them, but the gift of your presence, ah, yes, I ask you!

Stay, Lord, with me; I’m only looking for you; your love, your grace, your will, your heart, your spirit, because I love you and I do not ask for another reward but to love you more. With a firm, practical love, to love you with all my heart on earth to follow you loving perfectly for all eternity.


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