Why have a candle at home and when to light it

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It is a good idea to have a candle at home; When we know when we can turn it on, it helps us keep our faith centered on Jesus Christ.

Human beings cannot live without light. In this era in which we have lived, it is inconceivable to imagine ourselves without electric lighting because our entire environment and activities depend on it. But previously, lighting with a candle was the solution for our ancestors.

Likewise, spiritual life requires light, which is why the liturgy and sacraments give it a prominent place, and the use of candles carries a deep meaning.

The light in the sacraments

In Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist, a rite is performed that includes a candle or taper that is lit by the godparents of the person to whom the sacrament will be conferred, commonly when the profession of faith is made.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says about the light in Baptism:

«The candle that is lit in the Paschal Candle means that Christ has illuminated the neophyte. In Christ, the baptized are ‘the light of the world'” (Mt 5:14; cf Phil 2:15) (CCC 1243).

The Light that illuminates our path in faith

During the Easter Vigil – which is celebrated on Holy Saturday – the ceremony of the New Fire is carried out, which symbolizes Jesus Christ, light of the world; For this reason, when the priest lights the Paschal Candle in the blessed light, he raises it above his head singing:

Christ, light of the world!

And the faithful respond:

Thanks be to God!

On that holy night, attendees can light their own candles with the fire of the Pascual Candle so that they are blessed; In this way, the family will have the light of Christ at home.

When to light those candles and tapers?

It is advisable to save the candles or candles from Baptism, and, if possible, use them at Confirmation and First Communion. Furthermore, they can be lit at the time of receiving the Anointing of the Sick, as it must be remembered that they are blessed and that they will illuminate the path of the person who will soon meet the Lord.

In the same way, a candle lit in the light of the Pascual Candle on the night of Resurrection can be used when praying the rosary, in moments of fear or uncertainty, when we require the help of God and the saints, when a meteorological phenomenon strikes. or, simply, when we have some special intention and require heavenly help.

Asking the Lord for light in all moments of our lives will help us make better decisions.

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