This Will Happen to You When You Pray the Rosary Everyday

The benefits of the praying the rosary are quite extraordinary. In addition to the 15 promises the rosary, daily rosary prayer also provides us with tremendous spiritual, physical and mental growth. You may have heard people of several religions speak of becoming more “consciousness”. What exactly does this mean? Basically, gaining consciousness means gaining insight about oneself and how one relates to their surroundings. With better insight about your own being, a heightened sense of self-awareness is achieved. As a result, you become more aligned with God and His holy will.

The following are a few of the many spiritual, mental, physical benefits that are typically gained by those who pray the rosary on a regular basis:

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  • Creates fulfilment and meaning in your life.
  • Helps you understand your life’s purpose.
  • Brings you closer to God and allows Him to actively help you in your life.
  • Improves discernment and the gives you a better ability to know right from wrong.
  • Increases your empathy, compassion, and tolerance towards others.
  • Creates peace in your life. Helps create peace to those close to you.
  • Directs you towards heavenly treasures rather than earthly desires.
  • Increases mental awareness; creates a greater sense of intuition.
  • Increases your capacity to love yourself and others.
  • Provides assurance and guidance in times of despair and hopelessness.
  • Allows you to connect better with others and with nature.
  • Increases your willpower and your desire for goodness.
  • Provides protection against negative influences.
  • Opens you mind to accept a Higher Truth.
  • Decreases the desire to sin; helps overcome temptation.
  • Most importantly – the rosary helps us understand God.
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