Wokism: the beginning of the end?

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Decolonialism, racialism, transactivism: wokism divides the world between oppressors and oppressed. This ideology, born in America, has spread to Europe. Will his cradle become his tomb? In the Anglosphere, dissidents are working to thwart the advent of an Orwellian world. They risk their careers and reputations to defend free speech and equality before the law. Sylvie Perez’s essay, “Ending Wokism” (Cerf) chronicles this counter-offensive.

What is a woman? The definition comes from biology. Sex chromosomes determine sex: XX for females, XY for males. Until recently, everyone agreed on this. Now the question divides. According to woke ideology , it is a woman who feels like a woman. A man who feels like a woman is a woman, if that is his desire. From desire to right, there is only one step. “Rights which have the terrifying extent of desire”, said Albert Camus. Wokism requires transgender athletes to participate in women’s sports competitions. Rapists who change their identity are incarcerated in women’s prisons in Scotland, England, USA. We open girls’ dormitories and locker rooms to boys who feel like girls. 

Two world views

A British association has decided to question all the candidates in the next legislative elections and to publish their answers to the question “What is a woman?” » to indicate who is ready to defend women’s rights. The initiative is sponsored by Sharron Davies, a former British Olympic swimmer. According to Canadian political scientist Éric Kaufmann, the question of wokism is set to dominate the political life of Western democracies: 

These are two opposing world views: those who are attached to freedom of expression and conscience, equality before justice and the scientific method, versus those who favor the protection of minorities and equality of result (rather than opportunities) and are prepared to restrict freedom of expression and reject part of their cultural heritage in the service of these objectives.This quarrel will be decisive in the years to come.

The response is organized

The woke only sees victims and executioners around him and, to repair the world, sets out to pulverize it. In the Anglo-Saxon world, hit earlier than us, the response is being organized. From London, a staging point for Wokism between America and France, I was able to observe the current upsurge. The actors in the response to wokism that I talk about in my book are Black, White, Pakistani, homosexual, transgender. The diversity imperative is safe!

Cancel culture, under the pretext of ridding humanity of the negative, persecutes and ostracizes.

The History Reclaimed association was formed in August 2021 to counterbalance the woke instrumentalization of history, which reduces the Western past to three sacrileges: colonialism, imperialism, racism. Heterodox Academy , a collaborative platform bringing together several thousand researchers from North America, is fighting against the inquisitorial climate that is spreading at universities. Others left the battlefield and opted for a fresh start. In November 2021, the creation of the University of Austin Texas (UATX ) was announced , dedicated to academic freedom and civil debate. Goodbye quotas, diversity-equality-inclusion offices, decolonization of knowledge, safe spaces … it is no longer a question of protecting students from strong ideas, but of introducing them to them. “The university must once again become the beating heart of a free society,” declared Panayiotis Kanelos, president of the new establishment. 

Three angles of attack

Cancel culture, under the pretext of ridding humanity of the negative, persecutes and ostracizes. So the Free Speech Union, founded by Toby Young in 2020, defends on a case-by-case basis and successfully, British people accused of crimes of opinion. In the USA, FIRE ( Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression ) lawyers defend freedom of expression as protected by the First Amendment to the American Constitution. Circles are formed. Don’t Divide Us brings together personalities from all ethnic origins who are convinced that contemporary anti-racism threatens the cohesion of British society. The Common Sense Society goes beyond the national framework. Established in the United States, the Netherlands, Hungary and the United Kingdom, it cultivates the philosophy of Edmund Burke and Roger Scruton and promotes conservatism based on the tripod: freedom, prosperity, beauty. 

The American Christopher Rufo has developed a method to circumscribe the influence of Wokism, in particular its two most threatening doctrines, critical racial theory and transgenderism. Its response is based on three angles of attack: media, political and legal. Media: he investigates the neo-racist content of diversity coaching, on civic and sexual education courses at school. He informs the public. The revelations trigger actions on the ground (such as those of parents of students who protest against racial pedagogism or the intrusion of transgenderism at school). The political class then took up the subject which became a campaign theme. Finally, Rufo brings together a legal team around him which provides elected officials with the necessary equipment for a legal intervention capable of extirpating woke activism from the mysteries of the administration and cultural institutions. The counterattack is intended to be firm and determined.

Reversing the trend

Wokism is not inevitable. It only took a minority of activists to impose it, like a contagion, from the United States to Australia. It will only take a minority of refractory people to reverse the trend. Ending Wokism documents the tools of dissent and profiles its instigators.

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