A Powerful prayer to Mary, Mother of Mercy for help in trusting Jesus

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Ask Mary, Mother of Mercy, for help whenever you have trouble saying, “Jesus, I trust in you!”

Trusting God is one of the most difficult parts of Christianity. It’s relatively easy to believe in God, but trusting him, especially when painful and difficult things happen in our lives, can be rather difficult.

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This is when we need some help.

St. John Paul II turned to Mary, Mother of Mercy, and offered this prayer during his homily for Divine Mercy Sunday in 2001.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, help us always to have this trust in your Son, our Redeemer. Help us too, St Faustina … Fixing our weak gaze on the divine Savior’s face, we would like to repeat with you: “Jesus, I trust in you.” Now and forever.

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